We spent a Quiet Christmas at home with some friends

A shot of our fireplace mantle decorated for Christmas.
The part of our fireplace showing the stockings for Frank, Vivian and Kimba and Sondi, notice the little mouse in the cat stocking.

Blazer, Lani behind the calendar, and Vivian relax on the couch.
Lani and Vivian hold up their gifts, the legacy of dogs and cats respectively.
Another shot of Lani, Vivian and Blazer on Vivian's lap.
The next day we were invited and went to Roger and Di's house for some Grub.
Di was so excited when we showed up she ran out and kissed Blazer
Lani and Di ham it up with Lani's gift that Roger and Di got her.
Di made plenty of good food, Italian of course and we feasted and feasted.
Di shows off one of the Christmas gifts she received.
Lani reads the calendar Roger got, while roger can't get his mind of Di and her gift.
Vivian, Roger, Lani and Blazer and Lady pose.
Lani and Frank pose by a gay moose and bear in Di's back yard.

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Last Updated: 28 Dec, 2005.
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