Every year the Temecula Wine and Balloon Festival draws large crowds

this was the first year we went to join in on the fun.

Vivian infront of some hot air ballons.
Frank in front of some balloons.

Vivian again.
Even though it was a very nice day, it was very plesant under the shade trees.

In the shade listening to the bands play was very relaxing
There were many booths selling different things.

Ambrosia was the featured band on the day we went, here they are on stage.

the Budwieser Clydesdales make an appearance at the fair. they are based in Menifee CA.
here is one in a cage.

and another getting groomed before getting hitched to the beer cart.
Here is a picture of the side of their trailer.

here the beer cart is hooked to two horses who turned it and moved it to the area where the rest were hooked up.
pictures of the team getting harnessed to the beer wagon.

more pictures up to 4 horses now.
Now horse 5 in place.

6th in place.
5 & 6 getting attached.

7 & 8 the lead horses are attached.
another shot of the full team.

Ready to move out.
Enough said.

Here the team pulled the beer wagon into the fair.

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Last Updated: 9 June, 2008.
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