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Is there such a thing as too smart for everyone-elses good?
Ever since I have known my husband he has been in school. I wish that there was someone could find a way to smarten him up.

Latest Degree - Here is my husbands latest degree. Who knows what he will do next

Here is a picture of myself and my husband on his graduation day.

You can tell by the wide look on my eyes that I was shocked that they let him graduate

Here is a picture of my husband showing off his graduation robe and hood. For those of you who are wondering, the hood is given to graduates with advanced degrees. The broad band of color on the outside of the hood signifies the area of the degree, in this case green for medicine. The internal colors of the hood represent the school colors, in this case purple and yellow. The hood is properly worn with the internal colors exposed, as seen in the picture.

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Last Updated: 25 May, 1998.
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