We went to the Lodi Wine and Sausage Festival

with good friends Carl and Sue Schumachaer and Shiela and Marco Paganini 13th June, 2004

Some doubted that Carl would ever leave Redlands, but here is picture proof that Carl is in Lodi next to a vingtage car.
Carl and Sue and the top of Vivian's head watch a Sausage making demonstration. The best part was tasting the sausage and wine provide at the end of the demonstration
Frank, Marco and Sheila.
Vivan, Carl and Sue behind another vintage car.
Marco with the tiwns at the festival.
A beautiful 351 Mustang in perfect condition.
A bright red Pantera, all supped up.
Sheila, Marco, Vivian, Carl and Sue listen to a story from one of the local Lodi ihhabetants.
The twins have a great time running around.
Marco, Shiela and the twins take a ride on the Train.
Marco seems to be enjoying himself on the train.

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