Laughlin River Run

If you want to see a lot of motorcycles, and bikers,
Then just show up at the Laughlin River Run
Very large motorcycle Ralley, with an estimated 50,000-60,000 Bikers attending

Vivian at Harrahs Resort in front of some of the bikes.
Repeated over and over lots are like this one are full of bikes.

There are old bikes, like this vintage Harley, infact Harley Davidson had a museum of their old bikes there.
And this old Sportster.

They had new bikes, made custom from all the top designers
They even had a biker build off, but we did not attend.

It was pretty hot, over 100 degrees, so we spent some time in the refreshment tent (Frank pictured).
Went to the river, and watched the boats go by.

Looked up river towards London Bridge and hoover dam (not pictured).
And down river to California.

Vivian got a Tattoo.
Frank & Vivian by the river at dusk. You can still see the pain in her face from the Tattoo

Then something more rare than an eclipse of the sun and moon at the same time (Impossible for that to happen), Bruce Buying Dinner for us.
Went to the Aquarius hotel for a concert.

We went to the ZZ Top concert.
ZZ Top on stage.

Everyone who was any one was there. A pooch dressed in Harley gear and googles takes in the sites.
A sculpture of the alien from the movie Alien, done from spare parts.

Bikes as far as the eye can see.

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Last Updated: 29 April, 2007.
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