Roger and Diane are two long time friends

They have moved away, but we still get together once and a while for a wild time.

I just can't believe they have stayed friends for 15 years.

This is Roger as a young boy. His hair has gotten a little darker, but not much else has changed.

When Roger grew up he turned into a straping young man. Always ready to pose for the camera.

He married Diane, who is always waiting on him hand and foot, ready to please him in any way.

Here again we see a picture of me (Vivian) with Roger and Di, and Di is trying to move Roger's hand to a sensual spot on her body.

Here is a picture of me and Di, we are good friends.

Here is Roger and Frank. What a crazy pair.

After Di offered to run to the store and buy roger his favorite desert and a newspaper, but Roger said not to bother, here is Di looking anoyed. I'm just amused at how that girl waits on Roger hand and foot.

While out visiting their daughter and grandchildren in southern California, Roger and Di dropped by one evening.

It was great to see them again and chatch up on what was happening

Vivian, Roger and Di

Roger and Frank, Too close to the camera What a crazy pair.

Vivian and Di caught in an intimate moment

Roger, Di and Frank

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