The Mouse House

The better known name of this place is Disney's Magic Kingdom. My sister, her two kids, and mother, came to visit me, during the month of May, and we went on a whirl wind tour of Southern California. We had fun almost every where we went, except for one unexpected cab ride to the airport, but that's another story.

Mickey and Minnie - Here my two nieces, Casey (standing) and Shannon, are playing with Mickey and Minnie. Casey is having the time of her life, as you can see by her face.

My sister took this vacation without her husband, and now we know why. We have obtained this exclusive photo of her and a leading Hollywood star out on the town, at some movie premiere or swinging party. When the cats away, the mice will play.

Here is my mom having breakfast with Donald Duck, conversing about world affairs, or about the latest sales at the supermarket, I can remember which.

Here is my sister and her daughters posing with Donald Duck.

At Sea World they had some of the most exotic and strangest creatures. Oh wait that is my sister and her daughters again.

Shannon and Casey with Chip or is it Dale? Casey was surprised to learn that the Disney animals don't ware pants, or underwear either.

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Last Updated: 26 June, 1998.

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