Motorcycle riding in May in Southern Califorinia

Great Weather and Great friends, makes for great Riding

Frank, Beryl and Bruce at Huntington Beach.
Now with bikes in foreground.

May 12th went to the Bikers for Education Ralley, at Bates Nut Farm.
This was a charity event rasing money for the children of war veterans who were killed in Afganastan or Iraq.

As you can see from the number of bikes there was a great turnout.

A shot of Bates Nut farm.

Goldberg, the wrestler was at the event, here he is on his custom chopper.
Another shot of Goldberg.

Goldberg, with some friends.

There were also plent of venders.
Even Stone brewary, with their famous arragont bastard ale. They do make a good ale/beer, the brewery is in Escondito, and is worth the trip for lunch and tasting.

Sunday May 13 Met with the motorcycle gang from work and drove down to Laguna Beach.

Here is the Map of the ride

Beryl, Frank and Bruce in Laguna on the beach.

Frank and Bruce at the beach
Three amigos on their bikes at the beach.

Frank Ed, and Bruce at the beach
Beryl, Frank, and Bruce at the beach.

Bruce (AKA: BirdFry), Beryl, and Frank out front
Then rode over to Cooks Corner.

Then some lunch at Cooks Corner
While eating lunch a bird picked a fry out of the trash and droped it on Bruce's plate. Unfortuately he did not find this out until after he ate it.

Bruce, Frank and Ed at Cooks Corner.
Ed at Cooks Corner in front of some bikes.

Especially on a nice day like we were having, you can always find pleanty of bikes at Cooks Corner.
Trio at cooks infront of bikes.

Especially on a nice day like we were having, you can always find pleanty of bikes at Cooks Corner.

Then another big ride on May 20th.

First stop is Jebelli's for breakfast

Azi and Hanna join the picture.

A fun ride up to Oak Glen
Frank, Bruce and Beryl on their bikes in Oak Glen.

Stoped to get Gas in Yucaipa, Beryl ready to fill up
Bruce can't seem to let go of the pump.

Then some more fun riding through the back roads of hemet
A stop at Winchester Farm for some refreshment.

Another shot while at Winchester Farms
Then on to Diamond Valley Lake.

Beryl at the lake
picture by the lake.

on top of lookout point
At the lake with bikes.

Ed and Beryl by the lake

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