Roger and Di return to Northern California

Lake Commanche

When people hear that Roger is in the area they gather from miles around. A large group of friends at Lake Commanche. Pictured are Ana, Jeff, Amy, Shiela, Roger, Di and Vivian, and in the bottom row Sarah and Michelle
Roger kicks back in the shade of the RV.
Vivian getting some sun at the camp table.
Another group shot with Vivian, Sheila, Roger, Marco, Di and Frank
This time Vivian, Sheila, Roger, Ana, Marco and Di.
Sheila and Roger laughing it up.
Di and Marco take the girls on a bike ride.
Diane getting down and dirty with Sarah.
Diane concentrating on a dirty word for MadLibs.
Ana, Marco and the girls.
Roger, Jeff and Amy having a good time waiting for sausages to be cooked.
Sheila, Di and Roger reminising.
Amy, Di and Vivian, getting some cherries out of the bag for Amy.
Jeff showing Roger how to work an electric scooter.
Roger on the scooter.
Diane on the scooter.
Di kept going around and around, eventhough the scooter was electric, and doesn't even vibrate like a gas scooter.
We just couldn't get her off that scooter.

Roger and Di were stationed at Mather AFB in the 70's, and went back to see their old Stomping Grounds

Diane infront of their old house.
Roger went back to the old building where he worked with the AF cockpit trainer, on what was Mather AFB.

Then We went to the Lodi Wine and Sausage Festival

Roger in front of one of the vintage old cars on display. They had a few hundred of them ranging from 1914 to some more modern stuff.
Di and Vivian at the drink stand trying to figure out what to get.
Di and Vivian resting in the shade, listening to some live music.
Di enjoying some Garlic Fries at the Fair.

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