La Jolla California August 2004

On the road again, back down to the jewel by the Sea, La Jolla California

First Stop, San Pedro, to visit with Carl and Sue aboard their Yacht.

A shot of the main walk at the marina.
Carl and Vivian infront of the yacht.
Carl at the helm of the yacht.
Sue and Vivian aboard the yacht.
Frank, Vivian, Sue at the famous mexican resturant in San Pedro Harbor.
Same thing different angle (Carl the photophogerapher had to get it perfect).
Then on down to Wind-n-Sea Beach
One day we took a trip to the Museum of Man at Balboa Park
Frank Standing in front of a big phalic symbol.
Vivian walking by some rather large Mayan Obelisks
Vivian sitting on a rock which was carved into a giant serpent head.
Vivian in front of a Gigantopithecus Blacki, has a striking resembelance to many people we know.
Denise and Theo payed us a vist. Vivan, Theo and Denise haming it up. Usually trouble when these three get together.
Vivian and loni before we leave to head back home after a long night of wine and fun.

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