Another Trip to La Jolla for some Fun and Sun with family and Freinds

Mar 4th - 8th, 2004

First stop was in Pomona to see some friends. In the picture Zurn, Vivian, Sue and Carl
Zurn, Carl and Frank. It is always great to see these friends. Some day Carl promises to come to northern California to visit.
Next stop was to see Cathy and Paul Shin at their new house with their cute baby Kylee. This is Cathy holding Kylee
Vivian on the couch with Paul and Cathy.
Frank with Paul and Cathy.
Frank & Vivian infront of the ship used in the movie "Master and Comander" at the maratime Museum in San Diego.
Angela and Vivian in front of the Star of India
front carving of the master and comander ship.
Vivian at the wheel of a ship
Vivian happier at the wheel of a ship.
Vivian and Angela by a cannon on the lower deck.
Frank and Angela on the deck of a Ferry Ship in San Diego harbor.
San Diego had an art contest for tree design, here is the first one a mermaid tree.
A tree done in the modern style with some aztec influence, or at least that's my opinion.
A glass palm tree.
Denise, Angela, Vivian and Linda at Sea Port Village.
Frank, Angela, Vivian and Linda
Angela and Denise at lunch.
Vivian and her Aunt Marilyn in front of the condo
Vivain her Uncle Jerry and Aunt Marilyn.
Vivian, Aunt Marilyn and Frank
Vivian in front of the condo before leaving.

Beach Pictures

now a lot of pictures of the beach with waves crashing on the rocks
Vivian at the beach.
Frank down on a rock
A flock of Pelicans

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