We drove down to La Jolla for the first time since coming back to CA, visiting with friends and enjoying the sites

Jan 17 - Jan 19th, 2004

We planed this trip but Angela could not make it down to La Jolla, since she was on call.
We arrived late Friday night, and then went to Temecula and met with Hazel for brunch. We had hoped to see John on the trip, but he was too tied up at the hospital.
Then back to La Jolla for some relaxation at the beach.
Another shot of the Beach.
Vivian by the condo.
Vivian at the condo.
Vivian in the new chair she has for the condo
Denise beged us to go to Hooters to see the Eagles/Panthers NFC Championship Game.
Vivian and Denise wait to get in at Hooters
Vivian and Denise start to make friends with the already friendly waitresses at Hooters.
No matter how hard Denise tried the Hooters girls were more attracted to Frank.
Denise can't help but cuddle up to Frank to try to push Ashley out of the way.
Vivian, Denise and Frank, ignore the empty beer glasses.
Denise demonstrates how to eat something, long with goo coming out the end.
Denise and Vivian holding each other up as we leave Hooters, by the way the Panthers won.
Denise and Frank say good-bye to the Hooters Girls.

Next Stop Pasedena.

We did get to stop and see Angela on the trip

Angela and Frank.
Frank and Angela by Angela's new Car!
We had lunch at Louises, in Downtown Pasadena.

Vivian in front of Louises
Angela at Louises for lunch.

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