We spent a week in La Jolla, just goofing off and enjoying the beaches

June 21-29, 2003

San Bernardino/Loma Linda CA

We went to visit Carl Schumacher after some surgery, but we were not able to track him down, will have to catch him next time

Instead we went and ate lunch with Mark Mosher at the world famous Surfer Joe's. The picture is of Surfer Joe the monkey, not Mark.
Then we met Cathy and Paul for Dinner. Notice the empty trays and plates, once Heather showed up and polished off everything.
Vivian, Cathy, Paul and Frank at Uncle Howies Pizza.
Heather just came for the Hug, not the food, or at least that is what she said.
Cathy knocks back another one, as Paul tries to keep things under contol.
The group after a filling pizza dinner and drinks for Cathy. I hope the alcholol level went down before she got home to breastfeed.
Mean while back in San Diego, Vivian and Denise before we go in for a thai dinner.
Denise cuddling up to Frank.
Frank in a blonde sandwich (Vivian & Denise).
Vivian at La Jolla Cove beach.
A Seagull at La Jolla Cove Beach.
A visit to the Museum of Contemporary Art in La Jolla.
Funky Elephant.
War Helmet with shield (I can do Better).
Egg made from Indiana Limestone
Gathering of Wind-n-Sea Beach Surf Club for a Surfing Competition.
Angela on some rocks at the beach
Angela on some rocks at the beach looking off into the distance
Between two big rocks at Wind-n-Sea Beach
Angela on even more rocks.
Frank sitting on some rocks
Vivian at lunch in La Jolla
Vivian Finally smiles for a picture.
How Loma Linda Residents study for Boards

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