A Labor Day Get Together with the Odells

Roger, Di and Di's sister Deb met us at the condo. Pictured are Deb, Vivian, Di, Lani and Roger.
Another shot with Deb, Di, Vivian, Frank and Roger.
Ursula joins the picture. Shown are Deb, Di, Vivian, Ursula and Roger.
Reenacting a scene from Lady and the Tramp, Roger and Di, suck each other closer with a piece of spaghetti.
As the spaghetti gets shorter they must get closer.

Not shown was an unfortunate incident, which caused a lawyer (not Johnnie Cockran) to exclaim, "If its too short, you must Abort", enough said

Vivian can't control her self after what she has just witnessed.
Di overheated from the encounter starts to take her clothes off.
Never missing an opportunity to enjoy art work, when this pair of sisters, see art they like, they go for it (they claim they are not making their orgasm faces).
Since it was a nice day some of us went for a walk on the beach.
The dynamic duo holding a surfing pose at the waters edge.
Di on a rock at the beach.
Di and Deb in the water.
Di, Frank and Deb cuddled up on a rock, at the beach.

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