August is a good month for running into Friends and Neighbors

Emil resting on a bench waiting for dinner to start.
Vivian, Chris, Nichole, Ursula, and Emil enjoying the ocean scenery.
Dinner gets started as the sun goes down over the ocean.
People starting to fill their plates.
Another shot of the dinner festivities, the dogs Blazer and Langston join the party.
Vivian, Ursula, emil, Bliko, and Miko enjoy the food.
Lani finds a comfortable seat, I think she is on her fourth helping, boy can that girl eat.
Lani with her fifth helping, as the sun goes down.
Langston and Blazer await their turn.
Bliko and Miko.
We ate as the sun set.
Miko, Bliko and Lani, with langston of course.
The next day Mario came to vist. He brough Vivian, yes another vivian, double trouble. Shown are Vivian, Mario, Lani and Vivan (how confusing).
Mario tries to impress Vivian (the second Vivian) with his parenting skills by reading a story to Blazer.

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