A Quick Trip to La Jolla in July 2005

Chris an old friend from the past was in town and stopped by Wind n Sea Beach with his son James.
Frank and Chris at the Cove in La jolla. The wind is blowing Frank's Hair around, not a pretty picture.
James realizes his sister Isabella's life long dream, of eating Taco Bell at the beach. Chris is glad that his kids keep their goals to something easily atainable.

A Big Party Breaks out, and Goes Out of Control

Back at La Jolla, Frank & Vivian have a dinner party, which quickly grew in number. Luckly there was enough Pasta and Wine (a good portion of which was supplied by Emil) to go around. Here a shot of some of the guests Denise, Bruce, Emil, and the back of Lani and Vivian's heads.
Here Bruce is describing something awfuly big. I know he did not go fishing that day, but he looks pretty proud.
Another shot of Denise, Bruce and Emil.
Kevin and Denise at the party.
Making an appearance at the party was Atila, a newcommer to La Jolla, on his mother Sue's Lap.
Emil, Frank, Vivian, and some empty wine bottles.
A shot of Sue and Kevin. Sue is the one Kissing Atila.
Once the food ran out, the party spilled over into Emil's place. Here on the couch is Sue, Vivian, Denise and Kevin.
Frank enjoying the company.
Emil proud of a recent artistic procurement he made. Everyone loved the piece, in fact all of his son's friends admired it so much they took pictures with it.
Frank and Emil enjoying each others company.
Vivian and Lani after the party.
Aftermath from the party. Some wine was opened and consumed.
Lani with her new furniture at her place.

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Last Updated: 19 July, 2005.
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