Another Visit to La Jolla in June 2005

First stop a Visit to Denise's house. She is suprised by the camera while opening the door, and trys to turn away.
After chatting for a while, we make sure Denise gets back to work demolishing her kitchen, before rebuilding it. She is going to make it better, then before, stay tuned to see how it turns out.
A quick run to Little Italy in San Diego, to pick-up some lunch to Take to Mission Bay for a Picknick.

Mission Bay

on a great day, we went to Mission Bay to eat lunch. Many other people had the same idea.
Another shot of the bay, and the people enjoying the outdoors.
Next Stop back at Wind-n-Sea beach, with also some awsome weather.
Another shot down the beach.
Back at the condo, Lani and Vivian are deep in heavy gossip.
Lani and Vivian brushing Blazer.

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Last Updated: 26 June, 2005.
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