Another trip to Visit Friends in La Jolla May 2005

Vivian intently listens to Roger as he tells some Fantastic Tale about Diane.
Diane overheated from Rogers sexuality, attacks him. She can't even wait to get to the car.
Roger, irrisitable to women, get attacked from both sides.

An Eveining with the Neighbors

our good neighbors Lani and Emil are kicking back watching the ocean and drinking some good vino. Pictured are Vivian, Lani, Emil's friend Mat and Emil
Vivian, Lani (wine bottle moved from in front of her face), Mat and Emil.
Emil moves to be closer to the women.
Emil trying to figure out his fancy camera.
Frank and Mat working on the bottle of wine.
Lani, Mat and Emil, in Emil's place.

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Last Updated: 28 May, 2005.
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