Another trip to Southern California March 2005

A trip to La Jolla to visit family and friends

First stop, the Inland Empire and Surfer Joes

Just like the good old days we met Mark at Sufer Joes for lunch.

Back at La Jolla

Vivian's sister Denise came to visit us in La Jolla and escape the cold weather in Idaho.
Vivian's neice Niki, with Vivian and Denise at Wind n Sea Beach.
Another shot of the Beach Bums. Sydney was also on the trip but was too camera shy, to get into the photos.

Then an Evening of Hanging with our Peeps, Roger and Di

Roger helping Di down. I think she was doing something while haning from a chandelier, before we arrived. Some how Peeps were involved, and Roger had a big smile on his face.
Roger and Vivian Hanging with the real Peeps.

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