Date Line: La Jolla California January 2005

Despite the rumor that Roger and Di are back in California we venture down to Southern California for a Vacation

First stop, A visit with Ken Zurn, Sue and Carl Schumacher at Surfer Joes

Knowing that it is Carl's turn to pay for lunch the 90 mile trip is worth it, and of course Ken would not miss it for the world. And Carl did come through and bought lunch for all, he even let us have drinks.
A group shot with Ken, Frank, Vivian, Sue and Carl. The photographer asked that we keep the beer signs in the final photo.
Then a suprise visit to Jebelli's. Here he is answering the door.
A picture of Frank, Jebelli, Azi and their two pets (Sky and Mishska).

After a day of fun in the Inland Empire, then back to La Jolla

Vivian at Wind and Sea Beach
We hit great weather while there, 70-80's sunny, no wind. Frank at the beach.
Another shot of Vivian at the beach, relaxing.
Then it happened, Di came over and started hanging around with Vivian.
Next we went to the Airport to pick up Roger. More important Di and Vivian had to eat, while Frank found Roger. Pictured are Roger, Di and Vivian..
Di is very excited to be at the beach and wanted to make sure everyone knew she does not have a belly button ring.
A SunSet at Wind and Sea Beach.
Another shot of the SunSet.
Then a Friday night Shin Dig at our place. Vivian and Denise.
Lani and Vivian on the couch.
Lani and Frank on the couch. We forgot to take pictures of the other guests, party was going to hot and heavy so we forgot.
Lani on the couch.
A visit to Roger and Di's new house.
Frank and Roger.
Di, Vivian and Frank.
Vivian, Roger and Diane.
While we were there the surf became very heavy from some storm off in the Pacific, with large waves, very close together, notice 3 waves one after the other.
more waves.
more waves.
more waves.
more waves.
more waves.

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