La Jolla California November 2004

Back down to the jewel by the Sea, La Jolla California

First, A visit with Ken Zurn

Like the swallows which return to Capistrano each year, Ken made his semiannual migration to Southern California for the winter. We met him for lunch, and for the record, he did pay. He requested that I confirm this so the next time we eat with Carl Schumacher, Carl will know it is his turn.
Then more food, drink and fun with Denise, here Vivian and Denise squeeze into a chair.
Once they are settled into the chair, the demon Dog Theo (notice the glowing green eyes), jumps on them.
After being released from the demond dog's clutches, Denise joins Frank on the couch.
Then Denise finds a more comfortable position
Fast foward to Thanksgiving Day, the turkey is cooked to perfection. Hmmm! Look at the stuffing.
Loni and Vivian think happy thoughts of the meal to come.

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