Christmas Party 2007

The Jebelli's Hosted the OB/GYN Department Christmas Party at their House.

And did a great Job.

Azi, Babek and Vivian
Le Anne and Enrico.

Allen and Diane.
Bob and Mary.

Roxanne and Ken.
Roshann and Quentin.

Khanh, Jeanette, Jen and Ben.
Jeri and Ed.

Andrea and Joe.
Gene and Trish.

Colleen and Gladys.
Elise and Karmen.

Bruce and Jan.

Boris and Karin
Letitia and Malcom.

George and Kathy.
John and Ann.

Merriment around the kitchen table.
Jeri as Master of Ceremony during the Gift exchange. Elise, Gladys, Roselie and Bob look on.

The exchange started off cordial enough.

The exchange eventually became a field of broken dreams and disapointment for many.
Karmen picks a gift and is later involved in a heated exchange over a set of candle holders.

A penguin was one of the items at the center of this storm.
Frank opens a bag to find spa treatment.

The crowd looks on nervously as the exchange become more and more heated.
Relief only comes once it is over, and the penguin is safe with its rightful owner.

Not to be out done by the Jebelli, Shin-Dig,
the Wildomar OB/GYN clinic hold their own party


Two best buds, Jeri and Brandy, enjoying the food and spirts.
Bee and Connie with Bee's two daughters.

Sylvia with her three guys (husband and two sons) and Ed on the end of the couch.
Jennifer enjoying the desert by the fireplace.

Manny, tells stories and jokes as the rest look on and Frank Maximus stands guard in the background.

One last Christmas party in La Jolla. An annual event thrown by our neighbor Pamela

Thats Pamela in the short black dress.

Great food. Great fun. Vivian, Emil and Ursela are shown eating.
The party was attended by many of Pamela's friends including Betty White at the right side of the table.

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