We had a busy couple of weeks in Feb, with two sets of family members visiting from out of town.

Frank and Grace, blew in from Orlando for a visit. Here they are pictured ordering some dinner at Karl Strauss brewery.
A quick trip to Little Italy in San Diego for some lunch. Pictured are Frank, Vivian and Grace in front of an area landmark filippi's Pizza Grotto.

Then down to La Jolla Cove for some picturesque scenery. Pictured are Frank, Vivian and Grace
Frank wants to go down and explore one of the caves at the cove.
Frank, Grace and Vivian at the cove.
Grace, Vivian and Frank in front of the house in Menifee.
Grace, Vivian and Frank at the beach in La Jolla.
Roger and Di dropped by for some laughts and a free dinner.

Group number two was from Spokane Washington, from Vivian's Family.

Enjoying a lunch burger at a biker stop in Old Town Temecula are Kristin, Kerry, Vivian and Janice.
Then a gormet dinner at home, shown are Janice Krisin, Kerry and Vivian.
After dinner, Kristin, janice (standing) and Kerry each sneak a piece of cake.
Back in Bird Rock at a famous Surfing Pizza Hangout, shown are Vivian, kerry, Janice, and Kristin.
At the Menifee house are Vivian, Kristin, Janice and Kerry.
Kristin and Kerry at sunset on their last evening in La Jolla.
Kerry sitting with 40lbs of cats on her.

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Last Updated: 22 Feb, 2006.
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