NorthCentral California September 2004

Frank and Grace leave hurricane ravaged Florida for some real fun.

First Stop San Francisco California Bay.

Picture of the bay, with alcatraz in the background.
Another view of the bay, near Pier 39.
Pier 39 from a distance.
Frank and Grace by the marina at San Francisco Bay.
Vivian, Frank and Grace at the Marina.
Vivian and Frank at the Marina.
Now the whole group in one picture
A real working Carosel at Pier 39
Vivian by the Carosel at pier 39.
When he thinks no one is looking, Frank sneeks off to get fudge
A view of "The Rock", Alcatraz from the end of the pier.
Grace and Frank pose infront of a big Crab at Pier 39.
We ate lunch at Boudin's Sourdough restaruant, good food, but some nutty old ladies were feeding the pigeons bread and attracting them, creating less than a plesant atmosphere.
Grace, Frank and Vivian at the end of the pier, with the Golden gate bridge in the background.
Grace, Frank and Vivian pose in front of Alcatraz at the end of the pier.
Vivian and Grace shoping on the pier.
Vivian with the windblown look with Alcatraz in the distance.
Grace, Frank and Vivian in front of the Golden Gate Bridge.
Grace, Frank and Vivian in front of the Golden Gate Bridge. Didn't we just say that?
A view of Lombard Street in San Franscisco, the crookedest street in the world.
A statue of Christopher Columbus at Coit Tower.
A view of San Francisco bay from the coit tower.
Another picture of the bay from the coit tower.
On the way back from San Francisco we stopped to gorge ourselfs at Maggiano's. Vivian, Frank and Grace in front of entrance.
Grace and Vivian at Mondavi Winery in Woodbridge, before the wine making tour starts.
The first step in the process is when the grapes are dumped off the trucks.
Truck finshes dumping.
The truck, or at least that container is empty.
The grapes are dumped into large hoppers, where they are separted from the stems, leafs, etc, and then pressed.
The stems are collected up and are recycled.
The grape juice is then sent to special vats made from the giant sequoia trees for special flavor.
Then sent to large tanks which are refrigerated to age.
At the proper time they are transfered to small barrels to age.
They store over 70,000 at the winery. That's a lot of vino.
Then on to Vino Piazza in Lockford, Vivian in front of the Old Lockford Winery.
A view of one of the courtyards at Vino Piazza.
A fossil fish at the Vino Piazza.
As part of the whirlwind tour of California we also went to Yosemite National Park. Here is a picture of the famous tunnel view.
Grace and Vivian standing in the parking lot of the hotel.
Grace and Vivian show off their new hats just before the tour.
Grace is tickled to have that new hat.
Picturesque view of the Valley wall.
A shot from the base of El Capitan. With binocoulars you could see climmers on it.
Frank, Vivian, Grace and Frank in the famous tunnel view.
A shot of Grace and Vivian in the wilderness.
Frank and Vivian in the wilderness, on a slant.
A picture of Cathederal Rock.
More big rocks.
More senic views.
A great shot of Half Dome.
A great shot from the valley floor.
Vivian and Grace by the car at the bottom of some granite cliffs.
A deer near the side of the road.
Early morning view of half dome, with sun rising to the right.
Vivian at a senic view.
Early morning view of a valley.

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