Vivian's Doll House

My hobby is making Porcelain Dolls

I have been doing this for a while now. I have made many dolls, some of which I am proud that I was able to make the seams invisible. I have had my share of broken porcelain, some while working the greenware, some taken by the Wind. But best of all I am enjoying my self. I have met a lot of great ladies at Dotties Dolls, right here in Yucaipa.

This is Little Frank He is a replica of my husband, all decked out in his work uniform. He is coming at you to shake your hand. I have not found a stethoscope the right size just yet. If anyone can help me locate one please let me know.

Sunny is a happy little tike. She smiles and laughs all the time. Here she is sitting in her wicker chair.

Kimmie (on the right), has on a jean jumpsuit, with a Cat top. She is the first doll I made my self. Dolls are fun to make and in the process you meet nice people along the way. There are trying times making dolls. Their heads, limbs, and chestplates are made in porcelain molds. The greenware you get from the mold has seams in it that you have to smooth out. Cutting around the eyes can be quite nerve-racking also.

Making dolls teaches you patience. When you begin to put your doll together, putting their eyes in, and you pick out their hair, its like a real baby coming home for the first time.

Lovie (on the left in pink), was the first baby I had. She was a gift from my mother and is very special to me. Lovie was the doll that got me started making my own dolls.

Hiku is a Chinese doll, I make for my friend Shirley. It was my second doll I made. She now has a good home with Shirley, her husband Nathan, son Chandler and daughter Adelynn

Heather is a cute and quiet little girl. She has a special innocent look to her.

My favorite part of making dolls is dressing them. Its fun to get shoes and socks too.

Gabriell is a full sized two year old. From the Terrible Twos collection. Finding cloths for a life size doll was not too bad, except her feet were larger than your normal two year old. It too several tries before I found a pair that fit.

Don't forget about Petunia Pig that is Gabriell's pet.

Becky Thatcher I made this doll because it reminded me of my sister when she was six years old. While I was making this doll, I was coming home one very windy night and the wind caught the box she was in and broke her arms and legs. I had to redo them from scratch. Luckily I had not attached her head to her body or that would have broken also. All and all she turned out to be a beautiful doll, and she takes way less time in the bathroom than my sister did when we were growing up.

This baby was given to me by my friend Carmen. My mother made the cloths for her. So this doll is sort of a team effort.

Monica & Rachael are ready to go on a Sunday picnic with their best church clothes. These are two sisters that I have made with the finest craftsmenship.

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Last Updated: 11 July, 1998.

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