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Two Siamese Cats Sondi & Kimba

Happy is the home with at least one cat.
-Italian Proverb  

Meet Sondi (short for Sondegaard).

Sondi is a shy but clever cat.

Sondi has beautiful blue eyes.

Sondi going cautiously down the stairs.

This is Kimba, our new kitten. Named after Kimba the white Lion

She is playfull and lively. She likes to explore and chase fake mice all day (and night).

Kimba is a ham and likes to pose for the camera

Like Michael Jordan she plays with her tounge out

Sondi and Kimba after a meal, resting on the bed about ready for a nap.

Sondi geting ready to pounce then stalking her prey.

Kimba on the floor with Vivian. Kimba likes to be around people, espcecially Vivian. She has a playful and inquisitive personality.
Lets Mambo!
Kimba wore out after playing,

and dancing the Mambo.

The Siamese Cat Song
From: Lady and the Tramp

We are Siameeiz if you pleeiz
We are Siameeiz if you don't please
We are former residents of Siam
There are no finer cats than we am
We are Siamese with very dainty claws
Please observing paws containing dainty claws
Now we lookin' over our new domicile
If we like we stay for maybe quite a while

One cat on top of the other (Kimba on top of Sondi)

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Last Updated: 18 March, 2000.
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