Beryl had a Baby Shower for Roselie and Bob

Who are expecting a baby

Bob and Roselie
Leanne and Rico.

Its a baby fest, everyone brought their baby to show off.
People gathering around to get in line for the great food.

Andrea struggeling with the strings to guess the mother to be's waist size. I told them not to play any games.
Elise, karmen and Jebelli resting.

Table full of guests eating.
Other side of the table of guests eating.

When the action gets too hot inside some of the guests escape outside.
Opening of the gifts.

and the gifts just keep on flowing in.
Everyone watching as the gifts are open.

Bruce appears very interested in what Cathy is talking about.
Baby hand off, performed better then the Bears during the superbowl, at least there were no fumbles.

Opening all the gifts,it's better than christmas.
Group watching as presents are opened with oohhhhs and Ahhhhs.

Beryl's dog Pumpkin makes an appearance.
World famous Exemption for Frank.

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