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Gorillas are Children with Fur

My husband looks, acts and generally smells like a Gorilla. Over the years we have aquired via various sources some gorillas. This page gives you a taste of our collection.
This King Kong was a paper mache gorilla that my husbands brother made him many years ago. I think he used my husband at the model. This guy is the basis of the gorilla collection. He stands proudly overlooking our living room from his perch high atop a landing on the staircase. The necklace with the picture of the chimp was added after I met my husband.
Edger is a stuffed gorilla who was added to the collection about ten years ago. He is a cute and cuddley gorilla, with an ever watchfull eye. Too bad he can only look to his right.
Hank is the latest addition, he has a sophisticated look about him, probably the swanky bow tie. He stands guard at our bedroom door.
CONGO is a Beanie Baby that I got my husband for St. Valentines Day. The poem inside read

Black as the night and fierce is he
on the ground or in a tree
Strong and Mighty as the Congo
He's related to our Bongo.

This is Bongo

This is a birthday Ape my husband's mother sent on a card she made for my husband's birthday.

This OB ape is one my husband received from his brother

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Last Updated: 14 Feb 99

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