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Toll Painting

Toll painting is one of my hobies that I enjoy. I have been tole painting for about 6 years now. This page contains some of my work. I have given away many pieces, but the ones on this page are special to me.

this little spot dog is the first project that I made in toll painting class. he is the cutest little puppy.
The chicken is a real fun project. not to mention that he is quite handsome with his checkered aprin.
This horse was painted on paper and is sort of a water color. I think that it came out ok for my artistic skills
The witch was a holloween project. She only gets out of the closet once per year. No!, not the closet like "Ellen".
this handy little project not only taught me how to do tulips, but is a handy towel rack.
The woods man Santa is a popular santa that I give to people for Christmas. He is thick and sturdy. He looks like he could stand the cold.
This is a replication of the famous picture of different types of santa. I painted them on a canvas, and put them out each year in front of the tree.
this is the first santa that I made. He is kina neet since he stands about 3 feet tall.

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Last Updated: 1 Mar, 1998.

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